How To Survive in a Long Distance Relationship

“Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel.”

It’s common knowledge that a long distance relationship is one of the hardest relationships to maintain. It’s very challenging and it can really test your patience. Not for the weak of heart, some would say. It takes a full commitment and a few sacrifices to make it work.

my husband and I

My husband and I have been in a long distance relationship for 6 years. He works in the Middle East. Our relationship is far from perfect, with the emphasis on FAR. We fight almost every month. He noticed that we usually have fights when it’s my time of the month. That’s when I seem to transform into a moody, hungry, cranky monster. But, we’re continuously working on being a better spouse for each other.

I think the hardest part of not being together physically is, well, the physical aspect of it. It can be sad when you don’t get to celebrate life’s milestones with your significant other. My husband was not with me when I gave birth to both of our daughters. He had also missed a few Christmases and birthdays. It can be frustrating when you miss someone and you can’t do anything about it. You can’t hold their hand, or can’t hug them, or cuddle with them.

So, how can the absence of your partner make the heart grow fonder and not forget?

Let me share with you how my husband and I  own this long distance relationship thing. We make this work by:

  1. Having a strong internet connection.
  2. Communicating regularly.
  3. Being honest with each other.
  4. Keeping our goals in mind.
  5. Making each other laugh.
  6. Giving compliments.
  7. Talking dirty. (And I don’t mean mentioning the dirty diapers or the dirty kitchen.)

my husband and I

My Husband and I

Whenever my husband is home, aside from having family time, I also make sure that we spend some time together alone. I always cook his favorite foods, like sinigang na baboy and giniling. I am also big on cuddles and I love cuddling with my husband and with my kids. I make sure that I smell good so my husband will always remember me and just think of good things. I don’t usually wear perfume, so I use Del Forever Love Fabric Softener to smell fresh all day.

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Doug and Cheska Kramer for Del Fabric Softener

My husband loves the smell of Del Forever Love. What I like about it is, even after cooking or working out, I can give my husband a cuddle and I won’t smell like sweat, or fish, or spoiled milk.

my husband and I

And he smells nice, too.

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holding hands

Being in a long distance relationship sure is tough, but sometimes distance can be  good thing. You have a lot of space to grow as an individual. Distance makes you appreciate the time that you spend together. You tend to not take things for granted and make every moment count. Every touch, every kiss, every hug is special. If you really love a person, distance really doesn’t matter when you think about it.

15 thoughts on “How To Survive in a Long Distance Relationship

  1. Long distance relationships are definitely hard! My husband and I were long distance for half of our engagement, and it was one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do. I’m so happy to hear that you and your family are making it work. <3

  2. My hubby and I did the long distance thing for almost a year and it really is hard. Im sure so many ppl need the encouragement from this post. Love and totally agree on the talking dirty. lol. 😉 And definitely keeping the goals of your family a priority is super important.

  3. Cute post! I’ve never had a long distance relationship but my husband and I “fight” around the same time of month as you guys! Ugh, hormones! Good luck to y’all!

  4. Long distance relationships take more effort but are only temporary. With Facebook, email, cell phone and all electronics stuff easier to stay in touch.

    1. Thank God we’re in the technology age now! I can’t imagine having to wait for snail mail like they do back in the days.

  5. I don’t know how you do it, especially with children. But, I love how you make the most of your time together. It allows you to really live in the moment and cherish one another!

    1. Sometimes it seems like having a third baby when he’s home. Lol! I don’t get tired of tending to him, though, ’cause he’s only home for 2-3 months every two years. Gotta make every second count.

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