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How to Get Your Child to Eat Fruits and Vegetables


Some adults don’t even like eating their veggies, so how will you get your child to eat fruits and vegetables?

I have no trouble feeding my one-year old. She practically eats anything on the table. My eight-year old, however, is another story. Because she has tasted hotdogs, chicken nuggets, and chocolates, getting her to eat her veggies is a challenge. I have tried begging and playing “good cop, bad cop”. I have tried scaring her and telling her tales of “what happens to children who didn’t eat their veggies”. I have tried reminding her that I am the boss around here and she should eat her veggies “because I said so!” All with little or no success.

If your child is a picky eater like mine,  don’t be disheartened just yet. I did find some ways get my child to eat fruits and vegetables. The key is to make it fun!


Tips to Get Your Child to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

  • Get them involved in preparing meals. Children like to eat food they make. You can also talk about healthy foods while you cook.

Chores for Kids by Age

  • Get creative. You can cut fruits and vegetables in different shapes and arrange them in patterns.
  • Offer food in a variety of colors. Sliced fruits
  • Use dips. It’s okay to add additional flavors to make your vegetables more appealing to children. You can use cheese, or mayo, or something your child is familiar with. I sometimes indulge my kid (only with my eight-year old) with fruits dipped in chocolate. Peanut butter is great with fruits, too. Children can handle a few extra calories. Chocolate covered fruits
  • Experiment with different recipes. Add fruits in their cereal or oatmeal, or add some in their pancakes. Or try these Easy Vegan Pizza Recipes or these Vegetarian Taco Recipes.
  • Reward you child. You can give stickers whenever he/she eats and finishes his/her fruit or veggie. This can create positive food experiences and it will make it easier for them to try the food.

Do you agree with these tips? How do you get your child to eat fruits and vegetables?

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22 thoughts on “How to Get Your Child to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

  1. These are great tips! My son loves fruit – I swear he can eat a whole cantaloupe in one sitting. But veggies are so much harder. I will try some of these for sure!

  2. These are all great tips! I’m going to have to try some of these out. My two year old is vey determined and only wants cheese, ravioli and chicken nuggets. I totally tell her that pineapple and squash are cheese so that she’ll eat them!

  3. I have two very different kiddos in terms of what food they will try. My daughter eats just about anything and my son tries very little. He’s not a fan of dips, but loves peanut butter so that helps him eat apples! He loves yogurt so I may give that a try as a dip for other fruit. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. These are great tips! My son will barely touch any fruit but he adores veggies… Spinach is his absolute fave and he wants it daily.

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